Sleepwear Dress

Sleepwear Dress

Maternity Sleepwear A Great Way To Get A Good Night's Sleep When Pregnant by

Even if you think you can fit into your old stretched out sweatpants when you are pregnant, you will probably find they are uncomfortable and just do not fit right. Sleeping comfortably is hard enough when you are pregnant and ill-fitting sleep clothes that are not designed for maternity, just make matters worse. So go ahead and invest in a few good pairs of maternity pajamas or maternity sleepwear that will serve you well for months to come. Most maternity pajamas and maternity nightgowns are designed for post-baby transitional wear as well with nursing access. This allows you a good year of use for a modest investment.

There are a lot of styles to choose from on the market today for maternity pajamas. Majamas is good place to start if you are not familiar with all of the brands. Majamas was started as a maternity pajamas and maternity sleepwear brand for expecting and nursing women. They specialize in clothing this is comfortable, stretchy, functional with incredible moisture wicking material and cute solid and pattern designs. Both their MJ and Pajannaman styles are a favorite among new moms. Both of these styles come in a variety of colors and patterns. If you are more into nightgowns than pajamas, then their Sleepy Dress is an excellent choice for a nursing nightgown and loungewear that can even be worn outside the house.

Japanese Weekend is also a quality brand to choose from in selecting a maternity pajama or maternity sleepwear. Their styles are designed to fit both the expecting mom and new mom with nursing access. They have a cap sleeve pajama with cropped pants and a new sleeve pajama out this season that has been a big hit with expecting moms. These styles come in black, sky blue and pink. They also have a nursing nightgown that comes in the same colors as the pajamas.

Olian Maternity Clothes has some cute maternity Pajamas and Nightie sets that include matching robes and often a matching baby sleeper. These sets come in a variety of patterns and colors and also make great shower gifts for your expecting friends.

BellaBumBum makes super cute pajamas and nursing nighties. They have very cute and trendy patterns to choose from for both their nighties and pajamas such as Flower Child or their Pink Dot and Blue Dot styles. The Pink and Blue Dot styles also have a matching maternity robe that can be purchased separately.

Melinda G is a maternity brand that has been around for over 20 years specializing in women's nursing bras and maternity. They make very comfortable, stylish nursing nighties that are both tasteful and sexy.

1 in the Oven is a new brand in LA that has skyrocketed in the past few seasons with celebrity buyers such as Christina Aguilera who has ordered basketfuls from their store. They have come out with a few nursing nighties that have been very popular including a Baby Dot Nursing dress that can be worn for both sleepwear and loungewear. They also have a new Hospital Nursing Gown which, as the name implies, is perfect for taking to the hospital when you have your baby.

If you are looking for super sexy maternity intimates, then check out Passion Spice. They have a wide verity of very sexy sleepwear products. Bestsellers of theirs include the Passion Spice Giselle and matching Gigi Bikini that comes in Hot Red and Black.

So, go ahead and invest in some nice sleep clothes that feel good and look good while you are expecting because you deserve a good night's sleep!

Amy Jarman is the owner of TummyStyle an online maternity clothes and nursing store. sells maternity sleepwear & maternity pajamas.

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