String Sexy

String Sexy

How to Choose Sexy Lingerie by Gen Wright

Sexy lingerie can spice up an otherwise boring relationship that has been decaying due to the demands of mundane issues. Remember, your partner isn't used to seeing you in a sexy piece of clothing. So if you suddenly surprise him or her by wearing something really hot, it will most certainly be a pleasant surprise.

So how do you choose sexy lingerie?

There are many types of lingerie that you can choose from. A quick visit to a lingerie site will reveal a plethora of designs that you can choose from. Most sexy lingerie pieces are made from leather, cotton, and laces. You don't have to worry about comfort as the clothing is made with minimal material for maximum sex appeal.

A good place to start is by browsing through the Bare Essentials. These are extremely revealing clothing that come in three sizes - small, medium and large. Most cost within the range of 20 to 30 Euros. The lingerie covers very little of the body, and leaves private parts either partly or fully exposed. If you wish to tease your partner for a longer duration for maximum pleasure, buy a piece that covers your private parts partially. Now you can engage fully in foreplay for a longer period of time and the experience will certainly be more satisfying.

If you are thinking of something more daring and rebellious, you can consider buying some body jewelery as well. Body jewelry are just small pieces of ornaments that you can attach to your private parts such as the nipples. They are mostly clip-on jewelry so that you can attach and remove them easily. No piercing is necessary. The pieces cost between 10 to 20 Euros.

Next, combine your Bare Essentials and Jewelry with C-strings. C-strings are given that name for a reason - the designs are shaped like a C, which is curled into a string. The C-string then wraps itself nicely around your groin area, and reveals the lower body torso completely. There are no additional strings that over-complicate the look. The end result is a look that appears simple, and yet extremely seductive. As for the bikini tops, they do come with strings. But they are, nevertheless, still very sexy compared to traditional lingerie.

The Cottelli collection has also been rising in popularity. It is more subtle when it comes to appearance, and uses more cloth and laces instead of leather. However, expect to pay a little more for these pieces because some do come with elaborate designs. This is an ideal choice if you want something different from the ordinary sexy lingerie that you see on the market.

Remember that the key idea here is to be different. So don't stick to just one piece of lingerie all the time. It will soon become boring. Have at least a few sets of lingerie in your wardrobe and switch them around every now and then. This will provide a fresh experience in the bedroom. You can also freshen things up by using different body jewelry.

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