White Lace String

White Lace String

The Truth Behind the White Wedding Dress Tradition by christina gruble

The moment the doors open and the string quartet plays the bridal march, everybody in the audience turns to look at the bride. She is a sight to behold; beaming in a white wedding dress, she is a glorious vision. The stunning sight brings tears to some eyes; smiles to all lips, none the bigger than that of the groom's. He beholds his bride, walking gracefully towards him, almost like dancing. There is only one thing on his mind, and he is looking at her coming towards him. But on the mind of the little girl in the second row is something that has more to do with the bride's dress than the bride. She is dreaming of her own wedding one day. In her daydream, she is wearing a most elaborate dress, white, of course.

Have you ever wondered why brides wear white? You've probably heard that white symbolizes purity and virginity, and as such it makes the bride more desirable for the groom. When you really think about it, it should be a hard sell; but it definitely sells. This symbolism is what it is, a marketing scheme. At least that's what it was when white was only on its way to becoming a popular color for wedding dresses.

In the old days, in the days of kings and queens and lords and ladies, the bride would be clad in the most lavish and richest colors and fabrics. The dress symbolized the social standing of the bride's family. The dress was not merely for the bride, but rather it showed the groom's family and the rest of the world how wealthy the bride's family is. This was important in those days when a marriage was more like a business merger than it was about love.

The landscape changed when Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress when she wed her cousin Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840. The published wedding portrait reached far and wide, and a new vogue was born. In the beginning, women would still wear different colors for their weddings. But it wasn't long after when white as a wedding dress was called a symbol of innocence and purity. With the emergence of the department store during the Industrial Revolution, the symbolism was reinforced. Girls could now wed in new dresses, and what better way to encourage them to buy, but to give them the fantasy of the purity symbolism. And so the vogue became a tradition.

The white wedding dress, which can actually be ecru, ivory, or eggshell, has seen many different styles and designs. For a time, wedding dresses used to look pretty much alike besides being white. But gone are the days when layers upon layers of fabric were necessary to show off the family's wealth. Today, the wedding dress a bride wears reflects her personality, but only in the design. The color remains to be that of the traditional white. Little Suzy on the second row can continue her daydream in white.

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