White Satin

White Satin

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Do you associate white with just the winter wonderlands or a I-do ceremony and haven't considered it as a color for your prom dress? Then you're totally missing out on wearing this cool color as celebrities are to their formal occasions! I saw Penelope Cruz step out in this gorgeous, long white dress that was reminiscent of the 1950's ' she looked really classy and stunning in her ivory gown. Sarah Jessica Parker, who is known as the one to set trends, also was decked out strapless white number that was cinched at the waist with a jazzy flower bow. And they weren't getting married, they were just making a statement! So if you are ready to look elegant and classy for your big night, then you're ready to look for white prom dresses!

I would say the pinnacle of a white dress is a long white gown that makes you look like a princess. Check out some long white prom dresses and you'll see what I mean. JCrew has a variety of designs that are ankle-length and make you look like a goddess with its simple, elegant style. Paired with a white clutch, you could be the starlet of the night in this bright color. I would definitely get some high heels to go under that long dress and create the look of an elongated longer body that will make you as tall as a model. I loved checking out the ivory satin shoes to match my white dress because they were so feminine and charming!

But hey, you can still pull off this gorgeous color without hiding your lovely limbs in sexy and short white dresses. If you've been working on that tan all spring and are dying to show it off, why not do it in a dress that ends mid-thigh or right above your ankles? Take a look at some of Jovani's designs that end a couple inches above the heel and incorporate a lace hem to add that touch of extravagance. Sue Wong also has a short white dress that has beads embellishing the center to draw more attention to you on your important night. Whichever length you choose, you would be making a statement in this eye-catching color.

Don't forget that the length of the bottom part is not the only variable ' you can see which style you want on the top too! Are you more of a halter girl and like the v-neck it creates on your shoulder lines? Or would you go for the classic elegance of a strapless gown that shows off all of your lovely shoulders and also gives you a chance to show off those cool faux pearls you picked up? Terani Couture has some awesome strapless designs that will leave everyone stunned at your feminine charm. Don't forget that an elegant up-do is a must for a strapless design as it shows off your graceful neckline.

Lastly, if you want to add some fancy details to your white prom dress, look out for the ones that have ruffles either along the top or along the hem of the skirt. These romantic touches will give you a chance to highlight your personality and really keep those eyes on you for the entirety of the night. No matter what embellishments you prefer, I'm sure you will find a white prom dress that you can shine in for prom night!


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