Women Bikini Free

Women Bikini Free

How kettle bells can make you look great in a bikini. by Benjamin Cook

It's the eternal question. 'What is the best way to me look great in a bikini this year?

There's always a fad, a pill... a revolutionary diet or concept that will deliver (just get your credit card out and type in your numbers...)

Well puzzle no longer: I HAVE THE ANSWER! FOR FREE!!

I'll tell you the biggest secret of all, and I won't charge you a penny; it isn't that hard to eat well and train properly with kettle bells, and you WILL get toned and slim.

Why will you get slim and toned if you train with kettle bells? Well, kettle bells are one of the best forms of resistance training. They are dynamic, unstable and full chain kinetic exercises, this probably is complete gobbledygook to you, so I'll explain it:

DYNAMIC this means that the exercises can vary slightly during each repetition meaning that you spread the wear on your joints and also each time the exercise is very slightly different, giving you a subtly different workout and stimulating the muscle fibres to burn calories, as well as grow stronger and more toned.

UNSTABLE this means that all of your smaller stabilising muscles need to work to help keep you moving in the right way, think of it as the difference between using stabilisers and riding a bike. When you are providing the balance yourself, your movement will be stronger and more graceful, and burn more calories! It also helps to avoid that 'bunched up bodybuilder' is a less popular goal with women.

FULL CHAIN KINETIC this sounds the most complicated, but really it's one of the simplest reasons. This means that you simply use every muscle between your toes and your hand (the one that's holding the kettle bell.) Even when parts of your body are not moving the muscles are working to help stabilise you (getting a workout by not moving that's a novel concept!)

If you're sitting there, and thinking... 'this sounds good, but HOW do I go from reading this, to being toned and looking great in a bikini?'

There's two key aspects FOOD and EXERCISE. We'll deal with the food in a different article (visit my websites!) however, for here exercise is simple.

Exercise GOLDEN RULE 100 movements per day, using 5 different exercises.

If you do 100 movements per day with a kettle bell, you will get slimmer and more toned (if your diet is OK) and there are a whole host of websites that have the exercise on and although it might feel difficult to know where to start, there's a couple of guiding principles that will really help you.

1. Move smoothly when holding your kettle bell this will allow you to remain injury free; if it doesn't hurt, it's OK as long as you stay in control of your movement.

2. Breathe deeply and slowly when you train (like Yoga!)

3. Remember, if you're doing it, you'll get to your goal.

A lot of my clients focus on the end goal, when really it's quite a lot of fun to just relax a little and enjoy the process (you don't even have to be all that great at it in the beginning to start getting results!)

So relax and give yourself a pat on the back when you do your 100 movements per day, you're well on your way to looking great in a bikini this year!

http://www.benjamincook.co.uk Benjamin Cook Hypnotherapist in Glasgow Scotland. Ben is a hypnotherapist in Glasgow, Scotland and specializes in weight loss, stress management and motivation. He works with local clients one-to-one and worldwide clients with phone coaching.

Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/How-kettle-bells-can-make-you-look-great-in-a-bikini-/706565

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