Women Bikini Shipping

Women Bikini Shipping

Metallica: Swimsuits That Rock by Phoenix Lindbergh

Magazine spreads and runways have been showcasing both classic and interstellar-inspired metallic swim wear all around the fashion world time and time again. And this season, it's far than passe. What makes these precious hues immortal exactly? I'll tell you what -- they simply transcend time and fashion in every shape and form. They've been around even before man walked the Earth so there is no reason for these lustful lusters to go anywhere except on our bodies until the end of days. When you catch a glimpse of some futuristic montage in a movie or television show, it would definitely have a lot of platinum in the shot. And I'm not just talking about the hovering space crafts, slender infrastructure, or high technology gadgets. If clothes in the not-too-distant future look anything like what we see on TV, I guess it wouldn't hurt to push a little metal to the pedal this summer.

The glitz of metallic swim wear can catch your eye from a mile away. Who needs fire and flare guns when you're stranded on a deserted island or lost at sea? All you have to do is stand in the sun like a human disco ball and rescuers will absolutely come to your aid. Feel the gold rush with the Sin City two-piece Bikini from this year's UjENA Swimwear Collection by Ujena. It most certainly has been getting a lot of attention at the beach and the runway. It has a triangle top that can be easily adjusted for a more snug yet comfortable fit. The side-tie bottom gives ample coverage and highlights just the right curves on a woman's body. The material used on this piece is a tasteful, lightweight, and stretchable metallic fabric which makes it perfect for the water. Bring out an even more gorgeous sun tan in this high glam metal winner. You can check this item out plus a whole lot more at www.ujena.com.

For women with fairer skin and slightly less splashy tastes, silver is the key. The Isaac Mizrahi Metallic Swimwear collection is made of dazzling and versatile silver couture that you can mix and match with each other or with existing pieces from your own closet. Choose from the Skirted Swim Bottom, Tankini, Halter Bikini Top, and Swim Hipster. Why, get all four of them if you want. They are available on sale at www.target.com and if your total purchase is over $50 you can get shipping for free. Look like a shiny new nickel and everybody would want to get their hands on you -- or at least steal the suit you're wearing.

For men, I suggest taking a less brassy approach to metallic swim wear. There is a lot of swimming trunks out in the market that exude a little bit of the razzle dazzle and they are just as appealing as an unearthed treasure chest. Take the Cool Sheen Silver Swimming Trunks from renowned European swim wear designers of Arena, for example. The stunning pair of men's swim bottoms is just eye candy. It features a voguish Asian cut that clings to the body like second skin. The cool metallic hue is edgy enough to call attention yet it is also almost impalpable. Several items like it are available on eBay. Better yet, visit www.teamarena.com to get the low down on casual and competitive swimming apparel.

So put one on and don't you worry about the trends this summer. All the rules for fashioning metallic fabrics are being thrown out of the window because metallica is here to stay for good. The former evening wear staple might as well be the new cotton; perfect for any time of the day. I suggest we all go for the gold this season. But silver and bronze are just as swell.

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