Women Bikini Underwear

Women Bikini Underwear

Does your underwear really fit? by Jack Walters

According to recent figures, as much as 80% of women are actually wearing a bra that is the wrong size for them. Many women don’t realise that their body shape changes over time, as does their bra size, yet they insist on purchasing the same size bra with their lingerie throughout their lives.

Wearing the wrong size underwear can cause discomfort, especially with women who have larger breasts. If you are a larger breasted woman, wearing an ill fitting bra can result in headaches, backache, restricted breathing and even pains in your breasts.

Here are some signs that your bra may be the wrong size for you.

1.If you find that your breasts are spilling over your bra, either to the top or the sides, then you should increase your cup size.
2.If the cups of your bra are wrinkling up then your cup size is too large; reduce the size of your bra.
3.If you find that your bra rides up in the back you should swap it for a tighter strap.
4.If the underwire of your bra doesn’t sit tightly against your ribs then you’re wearing the incorrect size.
5.If you find that the straps of your bra are digging in, then change the size of your bra or try underwear that features wider bra straps.

Wearing the correct size lingerie is important for your posture and your health.

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