Women Corset Sets

Women Corset Sets

The Word On Special Occasion Lingerie by Wynter Stark

You have begun shopping online for lingerie, but what is your purpose? Is it to find comfortable, sexy undergarments that could be worn any day of the week, any time of the day? How do you want your lingerie to work for you? Does it give you an extra boost of confidence under your suit or khakis? Is it a present or a surprise for that special someone? Will it be convenient for you to â€slip into something more comfortable†across the course of a romantic evening? Will you actually be sleeping in your undergarment? These are the factors that will help you determine what styles and fabrics are ideal for your situation.

The term â€lingerie†encompasses a wide variety of styles in women’s undergarments and can indicate both any-day or special occasion wear. It is no secret that the quality of lingerie with regard to both its attractiveness and its durability can vary as wildly as the number of styles in which it is available. This is why the savvy customer should do a bit of reading up on the subject prior making a purchase in this line. The purpose of the following guide is to provide a generalized description along with a touch of basic advice concerning your choices in special occasion lingerie styles.

Bustiers and Corsets

Bustiers and corsets are some of the more involved styles of lingerie and are generally reserved for special occasions. The principle difference between these two kinds of support is that a corset may be cinched tighter, typically with lacings in front and back although lacings may be only on one face or in some cases on the sides as well. Bustiers are more often than not made without lacings and will have at least one hook and eye closure seam.

Bustiers will often include garters whereas these are very rarely included with a corset. This fact has a great deal of benefit with regard to the modern trend of wearing corsets as outerwear or evening wear in that garters will not be problematic to the transition. Another fun trend is to incorporate a mini bustle with a corset ensemble made from non-traditional materials for a hip look with a Victorian flavor.

In their construction, these corset and bustier styles are very similar in that they create a sleek, idealized figure underneath fancy suits or formal wear. Due to the beauty of the materials and notions often employed in their construction both bustiers and corsets are most often worn as lingerie simply for lingerie’s sake. The strength of their figure controlling properties stems from the use of boning. These are metal or plastic rods mimicking what was once made from animal and whale bone, creating a sort of exoskeleton for all of your soft spots. Cups in these garments are also very supportive, almost never existing without underwire. Many bustiers do not include cups at all but will instead restrict your bust girth in order to create a pushed-up and out effect.

It should be noted that unless you are inclined to hurt yourself it is generally not a good idea to sleep in a bustier or a corset. This is not to discount the erotic properties of releasing yourself from confinement after a few hours. The point here is merely to alert you that bruising and pinching may occur with prolonged wear. It should also be noted that these are some of the more expensive items on the market. Custom made corsets can cost into the thousands of dollars (U.S.). The prices for manufactured pieces start in the $50 range and ascend based on materials used and designer name brands involved.

Chemises, Peignoirs and (Night)Gowns

A recent trend in lingerie lingo is to call a long nightie a â€gownâ€. This can be confusing, especially to the online shopper who is genuinely searching for a gown. It is recommended that should you be in such a situation, you would be better served searching for formal gowns or women’s formal dresses.
Chemises and gowns are the kinds of any-day lingerie which transcend to special occasion wear with as little as the angle of the light. For a special occasion, simply emphasize factors such as the quality of the material employed, the quality of construction and the overall perceived elegance of the piece. Also, never underestimate the strategic use of accessories such as fine jewelry, shoes or hair decoration.
Peignoirs are sets comprised of a long nightgown and a matching robe which may or may not include a panty or in some cases a matching heeled slipper. These lingerie sets are typically reserved for special occasion bedroom wear such as honeymoons, although this need not be the case. Leave it to your personal sense of style!


Teddies, while often constructed with underwire cups, are not typically as restrictive as other popular styles in special occasion lingerie and are a great choice for a variety of figures. For the true pear shaped woman, a teddy rising high to her middle will accentuate her soft, round hips and thighs while causing her waist to look its tiniest. For the lean, athletic woman a carefully chosen teddy can create a figure curving optical illusion. Apple shaped women, even those without an extra ounce to them should be very careful to only purchase a teddy with very high sides so as not to shorten their already disadvantaged midriff. However, these same apples should definitely not shy away from the style due to its terrific ability to showcase their legs.
Some teddies could pass for swimwear or any-day wear, but there are a significant portion of garments designed in this style which would not be comfortable or practical under clothing. Essentially, for any-day wear a teddy must have some sort of bottom accessibility. (If you’ve ever been frustrated by a one-piece swimsuit in the restroom, you’ll understand the point.)
Again, as in the case of all lingerie, a special occasion teddy is a fine cocktail of quality materials evoking a rarified mood that can be easily augmented with elegant accessories such as opera length gloves or an expensive designer heel.

In Conclusion

Lingerie for that special day or night should be worn with an elegant mood in mind. You wouldn’t wear a sundress to the symphony. For occasions such as Valentine’s Day, your honeymoon or your wedding anniversary, an any-day look simply won’t do. Also not to be discounted, an extravagantly rich look worn to what might have been just any old night of the week is a flattering way of letting your partner know just how desired they are. In short, if you dress like a princess you’ll feel like a princess in fancy lingerie designed for presence, appeal and that perfect special occasion!

In addition to her freelance projects, Wynter Stark is a copyright writer for Touch of That Lingerie. A student of both fashion and life, her approach to both is all about the journey.

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