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Women Lingerie Shipping

Women - Dressing Up for Success by Online Fashion

As the number of women who started to appear in the workplace increased during the 1970's to the 1980's and as most of them started to hold positions, which were traditionally held by men, women believed that they had to imitate the male business attire. Because of that, women usually went to work wearing tailored blouses and skirts and coordinated jackets that were finished off with a piece or an accessory item that much resembled a man's tie. However, those days are long gone. While trousers are still worn by women to work, they do it for more comfort and flexibility compared to skirts and not to mirror the male business attire.

Basically, the same rules in fashion apply to women's business attire and men's business attire. Business clothing should not just reflect the hottest fashion trend but the level of professionalism and skill she has. the business attire a woman wears should be appropriate for her industry and her position in the industry.

Here are some more useful tips for the woman who wants to dress for success:

1. Start with a pants suit or a skirted suit to achieve the most conservative look. The most professional would probably be a skirted suit. Except for some exceptions, dresses are not able to give the same credibility unless you would be wearing them with coordinated jackets.

2. Skirts should be worn knee-length or a bit above or below the knee. Make sure that extremes are avoided.

3. Pants should not be too long and while Capri pants and similar pieces are fashionable, they are not suitable in a conservative business environment.

4. Sweaters and blouses can provide color and variety to woman's get-up. However, they should be appealing instead of revealing. Wearing tops with inappropriate waistline and necklines could give the wrong impression.

5. Hosiery is a must for women in the business world. The best choices would be flesh-tone or neutral stockings. Avoid wearing dark stockings with clothing or shoes that are lightly colored.

6. Choose conservative shoes for work. Typically, shoes with a low heel are more professional compared to flats and high heels.

7. Again, keep jewelry and accessories at a minimum. Accessories should mirror your personality and not destroy your credibility.

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