Women Satin

Women Satin

Satin Underwear - what is it and who wears it? by Jenny Brown

If you have not already discovered satin underwear then it's time to trade in those cotton garments and enjoy some real luxury. Its name is used to describe a satin weave using filament fibres such as silk, first woven in the middle ages although variations had been around since Greek and Roman times. It was the name given to the more lustrous versions of samite, a luxurious and heavy silk material which was quite common in medieval Asia. These days it's typified by a very silky and even glossy appearance and is extremely sensuous to the touch. This is one of the reasons, of course, why it so popular for lingerie garments and other types of satin underwear.

Any woman would find satin an absolute delight to wear. The feel of the lustrous fabric sliding over a woman's body as she puts on a camisole is guaranteed to make her feel both sexy and desirable. Satin underwear oozes femininity and charm and it will cling to every curve as it flows over her body like liquid silk, accentuating every feminine feature.

It really is a sensual experience having such a soft and forgiving fabric next to the skin and it's not surprising that satin underwear is one of the most common types available today due to its suppleness and the comfort it gives to the wearer.
Satin or silk is often the material of choice for women's camisoles or slips as it provides a soft and silky layer between a woman's soft and silky skin and the comparative roughness of her outer clothes.

The French term "dessous-dessous" refers to lingerie as outerwear. Lingerie itself is also a French word used to describe clothing which is both sensual and appealing, and often erotic. Satin is ideal for this as its silky feel and softness make it a very tactile material, and it lends a feeling of sumptuous luxury to any occasion. Satin lingerie really does feel very special. Women love to wear satin underwear and men love to see women wearing it. It could be thought of as underwear to put on to take off. Satin underwear makes an ideal present for a special occasion or just as a romantic gift, and of course if you are about to get married then silk and satin bridal underwear is a great choice. The garments are unobtrusive under wedding dresses yet will look very special on the wedding night.

It's not just women who can enjoy the luxury of this material - satin underwear for menis available which can help a man feel comfortable through the day under his business suit, but also help him feel more exciting and sensual in the bedroom.Satin underwearfor men is sophisticated and sensuous and available in a wide range of sexy and comfortable styles.Most manufacturers and designers have a satin collection within their range of garments as they understand the versatility of the fabric.Some silk satins require careful hand-washing and ironing while still damp but good quality silk is often machine washable. One should always be careful though, as some versions of satin can be difficult to care for so always read the garment care labels.

Nowadays, satin fabrics can be made from many fibres including easy-care polyester. Whichever you choose, whether it is for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, you will both certainly get much enjoyment from it.

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