Women Sexy Lace

Women Sexy Lace

Dana Classics – Chantilly: The Leather and Lace Appeal

So many women seek out a fragrance that captures both personality and femininity, yet that can also be subtly sexy. Sadly, the plethora of modern fragrances on the market usually capture only one such aspect. They're either romantic and frilly, with undeniably noticeable floral notes, or they are of an inherently masculine character, which does nothing to define female sexuality. Of course, there are plenty of women who are quite happy with the eclectic variety available, as well as chopping and changing between scents depending upon the occasion (work, dating, dining out etc.) There is however, still a large proportion of women who seek something a little more personal from their perfume. An accord that reflects their personality. An aroma that befits their attitude. A scent that captures their sensual qualities.

Dana Classics Chantilly is one such time-honored fragrance, that manages to encapsulate the dreamy, romantic nature of a women, coupled with her more desirous, sensual soul. Chantilly knows that at the heart of every woman, there is an air of mystery just waiting to be uncovered, and the composition of this sumptuous, yet gentle fragrance has been designed to reflect this.

From The Top

Perhaps one of the most noticeable top notes of Chantilly is the deliciously sweet, yet slightly citrus orange blossom. Now, if you have ever had the pleasure of absorbing such aroma, you'll know it's less orange marmalade, and more like a crescendo of gentle sweetness, occasionally likened to that of jasmine. Such is the nature of orange blossom at the time of harvest, that there is little in the way of acidic properties, hence influencing a far subtler citrus.

Unsurprisingly, the classic French 'chypre-oriental' also bears more than a hint of jasmine at first note. The heavenly scent of orange blossom works beautifully to take the edge off the sweetness, while rose influences that powdery floral accord so many have fallen in love with. So far, you have a dreamy, romantic fragrance which alone could be construed as extremely effeminate.

That is until the rich blend of base notes really spice up the flora and fauna of this fragrance. Oakmoss, a superbly earthen and green wood scent evokes a daring musk, one would associate with more contemporary accords. Sandalwood spices up this gentile, lace-like aroma with the spiciness of “oriental mysteries”, and a warm undertone that influences the day-to-night versatility of Chantilly. Woody ingredients have a tendency to command attention, and are often used within sultry fragrances for evening wear.

Daring, Yet Romantic

French lace has forever had two very different personalities, depending on the manner in which it is worn. Adorning the petticoats and puffed-sleeves of 50's fashionistas, lace was considered virginal, pure and delicate. During the mid 70's to 80's, lace took on a sexier character, particularly among the fashions and lingerie creations for women. Daring, evocative and sultry; it represented a woman with a deeper, more mysterious allure.

Much like French lace, Chantilly also bears two very alternating personalities. Romantic, dreamy and floral to the fore, Chantilly becomes an altogether more mysterious personality as the base notes burst through. Few fragrances capture two very different sides to a woman's personality, which is probably why Dana Classics Chantilly remains such a stalwart throughout history!

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