Women String Size

Women String Size

many rich drama of bold jewelry really beginning to flourish

Now, many rich drama of bold jewelry really beginning to flourish: to break the traditional creative necklace,
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bracelet dramatic exaggeration, the great modern design rings, swaying style earrings. Although they mostly use artificial material, but regardless of color, texture and design is very fashion-oriented, and respected stars in Hollywood, the T stage had not just decorative props, but for the magic of ordinary, high-profile woman lit a secret envy weapons.


In fact, creativity is more important, may not need the blessing of precious jewelry.

Shape layers, simple calculations, it becomes a very strong sense of design necklace. Material, so that ideas are imaginative, even inexpensive plastic can go into the upper body. Enormous, exaggerated,
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a strong decorative necklace, grab a significant presence on the clothing. In tribal, exotic wind blowing, metal, acrylic, wood of the neck ring, necklace and other more exaggerated layering is everywhere.

Undoubtedly the most eye-catching Chanel and Lanvin's a large area to link necklace, and Dries Van Norten and John Galliano's metal style, both integrated in the unique clothing styles in the performance but also to fight for their high marks. Dior is the use of a small African natives carved ivory necklace,
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to show a little strange African style, has won praise. Of course, each have their own landscapes, each with its Fans.

D & G over me that a string of colored beads ball, as if through the hair with the traditional atmosphere of classical and ethnic arts and crafts, women's large size was very shy. Spring and summer there are LV 09 are also playing a string of beads big game.

Italian jewelry designer Giancarlo Montebello season for the design of the Donna Karan and the deconstruction of graphics-based stainless steel necklace, layered staggered in the neck, immediately highlight the modern sense.

Emilio Pucci, fresh and full of great beauty lines and geometric decoration necklace, woven into a unique fashion statement,
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people can not help feeling with the sea holiday helter-skelter.

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