Women Top Lace

Women Top Lace

Trends in Women's Althetic Shoes by jyec

Gone are the days where the woman's sneaker consisted of limited varieties and hideous designs. You know what I'm talking about, the kind of athletic shoes career women would wear over their pantyhose while strutting the streets. Now, companies like Nike, Keds and Converse are dishing out fashionable sneakers especially for women, and all I got to say is: 'it's about time!' But with literally thousands of different styles and trends out there in the market, what's a girl to do when picking the perfect sneaker? Here are just a few trends to look out for.

The Classics

Trends come and go, but the classics are forever. This can be said with athletic shoes. Take for example Converse's famous Chuck Taylor shoe. Chuck Taylors or 'Chucks' are staples in anybody's closet, man or woman. Originally made for basketball players in its famous black and white design, Converse has made this classic shoe a sneaker for the masses. With a variety of colors and designs, Chucks can be worn with practically anything. From a Juicy Couture jogging suit to even a frilly Betsey Johnson prom dress, Chucks are definitely the ultimate classic shoe.Another notable classic sneaker is the K Swiss Classic Original. This simple low-top tennis shoe is a great sneaker that still holds its own till this very day. You can certainly get this shoe in the original white, but there are a wide variety of colors to choose from. Also if you go to the brand's website, you can custom design your very own K Swiss Classic Original. Like Chucks, this shoe is very versatile and can be worn in different ways.

Retro Sneaks

Remember the 80's? The big hair, the leggings, the neon. Well it seems that the 80's are coming back in sneaker fashion. Brands that had a big impact during that era like Asics, Adidas and Nike are bringing back the funky and fun designs that were popular years ago. A large part of this revival is definitely due to hip hop fashion's migration towards classic hip hop style with bold colors and flashy designs. Recently Reebok came out with its 80's inspired SC Trainer, a hi-top lace-up with velcro a overlap, which is very reminiscent of old school hip hop fashion. Adidas too is joining the 80's comeback with classic hi-top trainers accented with bold colors and metallics, proving that retro sneakers are back in style.

The Skater Shoe

Skating culture has been a very influential segment of young culture. Although skateboarding is a predominantly male-dominated sport, the female population is not been denied among skating brands. Standard labels like Vans and DC Shoes have a great collection of cool skating-inspired shoes made especially for women. Some popular design tactics companies use is incorporating 'girly' colors like pinks and pastels on classic skating shoes like Vans famous slip-on sneakers. Also some brands create entirely new shoe products like flats to catch up with the female clientele. These making women just as important as men in the skating-consumer world.As you can see, athletic shoes are not just for the boys anymore. Women are getting more and more interested in grabbing a hold of the trendiest sneaker they can get. And why shouldn't they be? All the biggest brands are embracing the surge of female consumers and producing tons of designs just for women. So stop wearing those played-out grandma orthopedic athletic shoes and strap on a pair of real sneakers the next time you hit the streets.

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