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Secrets to Attract Women: Top 5 items to learn by John Alanis

Hey Guys, having trouble meeting women? How would you like to be able to attract all the sexy, gorgeous and smart women that you can handle? That’s right, not â€meet†but attract. If you’re sick and tired of your mediocre dating scene, then it's time that you uncover the top 5 secrets to attract women. Don’t live in the narrative that any one woman is â€out of your league†and certainly don’t â€settle†who isn’t your perfect mate because you think that’s the best you can do.
Practice alone doesn’t make perfect, you need the right coach
When it comes to secrets to attract women, common sense says that the more people you meet, the better your chances will be of finding the one. Trouble is, just meeting women doesn’t get you anywhere. You have to have them wanting to meet you. You have to attract women, not just be attracted to them. Going out and mingling with friends is fine if that’s what you like to do but simple dating as many people as you can hoping to find someone who â€clicks†with you is a no win situation and waste of your time. You want to be able to attract women and be able to pick and choose who you want to date. Learning the secrets of attracting women is not difficult but it is not just all about â€common sense†either. Once you learn the secrets of attracting women, as long as you don’t take it too far to the point that you’re attracting too many at once, you’re sure to turn your life around from an endless feeling of being inadequate to being on top of your game.
You have to learn the secrets of attracting women from someone who knows what to do, and you have to practice what they teach you and change yourself internally. There is not some external magic formula or memorized line that works. You also cannot just sit there and expect everything to happen while you change channels on the remote control.
Playful, but Confident
A second secret of attracting women is to not be afraid to let out your playful side but it comes with internal confidence. Remember the class clown who, for whatever reason, just couldn’t quit saying things he wasn’t supposed to? No matter how hard he tried to be good, he just couldn’t help himself when the opportunity to bring the house down with laughter presented itself. He was spontaneous, and even he didn’t know what he was going to say or do until he did it. He was never mean, always fun loving, even if he did push the envelope. He knew the secrets to attract women whether he realized it or not. He was wildly popular because he made everybody laugh. That’s why acting â€naughty†creates attractionâ€"â€naughty behavior†is a representation of that internal energy, because to act that way, you have to have it. You can’t be â€naughty†(or cocky and funny) if you don’t FEEL naughty inside.
But when you do feel that way, that’s when you’ll have the secrets of attracting women to you, you’ll meet them accidentally. Because you use â€authoritative humor†in ALL your interactions (with both men and woman), women can see that you’re just â€being you,†that you’re not trying to be someone just to pick them up. You’re attractiveness is coming from inside of you, not outside of you.
Always be in Control of the Situation
Why are most guys unsuccessful with women? Because they let the woman choose the type of relationship, not the man. There’s a lot of mythology going around that women only want long term committed relationships leading to marriage, but that’s just not true. That’s another secret of attracting women. There are a lot of women who love to meet men just to â€have fun with†or â€share adventures†with†but you have know what to look for. And the great thing is, IF you decide you do want a relationship, you can easily go from â€fun friends†to something more permanent. But, you have to know what to do, and what to say, or she’ll choose the type of relationship you’re going to have with herâ€"and it’s usually not the kind you want. Here’s the good news: women like men who â€define authority†for them and make it OK for them to enjoy a â€fun friends with the potential for more†type of relationship. Relationships like these are great: all pleasure and no pain.
Don’t be Clingy or Needy
You can create initial attraction by being cocky, funny, naughty, setting and controlling frames, etc., etc. But over the long term these lose their power if this one thing isn’t present: a strong, calming presence on your part. Women look to men for strength and security, and fewer men than ever have it today. They are filled with doubt, worry, and anxiety, and these internal fears quickly overwhelm initial attraction. Women quickly pick up on them, and are repelled by them, another secret of attracting women.
When a woman feels things are going bad in her world, she turns to the man in her life for strength and security. She reaches out for a strong, calming presence. If it’s there, she feels calm, and at peace, if not, she feels doubt and anxiety, emotions you’re NOT supposed to feel around a man. Good leaders always make their subordinates feel at ease, no matter the crisis. A secret to attract women is that you must do the same to sustain attraction with a woman over the long haul. No matter how bad things get in your life, when you’re with her, you need to have a strong, calming presence so she’ll know things will be OK, and so will you.
Too many men melt under the slightest pressure, turning into sniveling little babies, looking for a shoulder to cry on. This just kills attraction. Women want a man who rises to the occasion, who meets any challenge head on, who’s graceful and calm under pressure. Give this to her, and she’ll be with you as long as you want her to.
No More â€Mr Nice Guyâ€
The last of the five secrets to attract women involves a definition difference. If you talk to women about relationships often you’ll hear, â€I’m tired of dating all these jerks. I just want to meet a nice guy.†Guys read and hear this, so when they meet a woman, they act like a â€nice guy.†They’re sweet, respectful, give her compliments, gifts a peck on the cheekâ€"and they never see her again.

What’s her reason? She’ll say, â€he was a really nice guy, but there was no chemistry there.†Remarkably enough, this is the same woman who says, â€I just want to meet a nice guy.†The secret of attracting women is to understand the disconnect. Why do women say they want to meet nice guys, but when they do meet one they don’t want to see him again because there’s no â€chemistry?â€. That is another secret to attract women. The answer has to do with what we as men think a nice guy is, and what women really mean when they say a â€nice guy.†We think of a â€nice guy†as a guy who’s meek, mild, inoffensive, humble, a guy who compliments women, buys them gifts, lets them make all the decisions, wants her to â€just be happy,†and is very careful to do nothing to offend her.
Women think of a nice guy as a guy who makes them feel like they feel when they’re around the jerkiest of jerks, but doesn’t come with the baggage and negative behaviour the jerks always come with. That’s the secret of attracting women. Women really want a man with a strong sense of personal authority, with a naughty, fun, playful side, who genuinely likes women. While he engages in â€naughty behaviour†he doesn’t do the things jerks do: lying, abusing, freeloading, etc.
In other words the â€nice guy†women want makes them feel like she’s with a jerk without the bad behaviour the jerk brings. So next time you hear or read a woman say, â€I just want to meet a nice guy,†remember the secrets to attracting women and you’ll know what she really meansâ€"and it has nothing to do with how men define a nice guy.

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